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             Maximize Production                   Increase Soil Health

             Protect the Environment             Stay Profitable

             Protect the Waterways                Decrease Soil Erosion                          Decrease Toxins

Plants/Crops + Biofield Enhancement

Small Plant

Plants/Crops + Biofield Enhancement 

Possible results depending on plant species can include:


  • increase in plant vitality

  • increased yields

  • higher pest resistance

  • higher disease resistance

  • increased total leaf tissue chlorophyll content

  • higher percent germination and survivorship

  • stronger root system

  • increase in plant vitality

  • increase in plant nutrient levels

  • increase in medicinal bioactivity

  • increase in plant glutathione system which is required for drought tolerance

  • increase in soil fertility by improving conductivity, supportive microbes and minerals

Animals + Biofield Enhancement


Animals + Biofield Enhancement

Possible results depending on animal species can include:

  • faster weight gain

  • increased protein content of meat

  • increased immunity of herd or flock

  • increased health of herd or flock

Nutraceutical, Herbal or Vitamin/Mineral Products + Biofield Enhancement

Collection of Herbs

Nutraceutical, Herbal or Vitamin/Mineral Products + Biofield Enhancement

Possible results with established products can include:

  • Increased bioavailability

  • Measureable changes in the characteristics of active ingredients  

Established product lines can be tested and validated by your company against control products for increased bioavailability, differences in active ingredients or other parameters you set.


    When the Life Force Energy was transmitted to a herbomineral formulation of ashwagandha, zinc, magnesium and selenium, results showed significant down-regulation of the tested pro-inflammatory cytokines as compared to the control formulation.

Wine Industry + Biofield Enhancement

Pouring Red Wine in Glass

Wine Industry + Biofield Enhancement

Observations were made with wine that affected the production and quality in a way that is unexplainable.  Cheap  wine transformed into an aged quality wine with a noticeable impact on the taste as it adjusts to each individuals palate from the same bottle.  

Soil + Biofield Enhancement

Possible Results Include:

  • Increase of total bacterial and fungal counts

  • Increase of soil conductivity 

  • Increase various beneficial minerals 

  • Decrease non beneficial minerals

  • Improve the physical, chemical, and microbial functions of soil component

Soil + Biofield Enhancement

Garden Soil
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