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Biofield Enhancement Team Key Findings from Preclinical Research Include:

(Cell-based and Mouse models)

  • More than 490% Increase in Collagen Levels
  • More than 500% Increase in Immunity
  • More than 400% Improvement in Bone Health
  • More than 45% Decrease in Overall Inflammation
  • More than 200% Increase in Cell Proliferation
  • More than 190% Increase in Progesterone levels
  • More than 60% Increase in Blood Cell Count
  • More than 690% Increase in ALP, a bone-specific enzyme
  • More than 40% Improvement in Liver Function
  • More than 20% Improvement in Kidney Function
  • More than 35% Increase in Testosterone Levels
  • More than 50% Increase in Estrogen Levels
  • More than 70% Improvement in Electrolyte Balance
  • Decreased level of melanin synthesis by 65.3%
  • More than 5% Improvement in Heart Health

Scientific Publications:

(click on name for author specific publications)

Matthew Hornung

Shirley Holmlund

Dr William Plikerd 

Patricia Rowe 

Gary Gerber 

Dianne Vincent

Aksana Hancharuk 

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