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The biofieldag group participated in their own wine project to see if there was any differences in sparkling wine treated long distance.

Almost all parameters of the wine changed including taste and smoothness with the easiest to show being the size and quantity of bubbles.  The Biofield Treated  wines had a massive amount of tiny bubbles as compared to the control.


7 bottles of sparkling wine were purchased, 4 in the USA and 3 in Canada.  7 photos of the bottles were taken and placed together in 1 photo

Each bottle was opened and a glass of wine poured  from each bottle, these were the controls.

Tasting and visuals of controls were written down.  The glass of control wine was then covered with saran wrap.


The pictures of all 7 bottles of wine was biofield treated by the group for 10 minutes.  The wine then sat for 15 minutes before the tasting began.


Control Wines

Aroma- yeasty, has an edge, medicinal quality, burnt, metallic

Taste- acidic, metallic, sharp, acrid, not aged long, strong alcoholic taste, tart, sour, bitter, harsh

Aftertaste not pleasing, large bubbles


After Biofield Treatment

The wine changed significantly after the treatment (blessing)

Much smoother tasting, aroma was more fruity , mellow tasting, lighter,  metallic taste gone, flower essence, aged, more aroma, pleasant aftertaste

Many tiny bubbles, little tornado of bubbles in center of wine, many bubbles along edge of glass

Extremely frothy when first poured into the glass

Not all participants took video of their wines but all contributed to the taste and visual comparisons.

Following are the video and pictures from 3 of the wines.


Contol Left and tiny profuse bubbles in the Biofield treated  Right

Patricia control and blessed.jpg

Frothy profuse bubbles after Biofield treatment

Wine pouring MA.jpg

Biofield Treated Left, Control Right

45 minutes

Tiny profuse bubbles in the Biofield treated 

Treated and Control

Tiny tornado bubbles in the Biofield  Treated Left, Control Right

Shirley glasses.jpg
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