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      2019 and 2020  CrabApple, Cotoneaster,

      Apricot and Ponderosa Pine

The Biofield Enhancement team was approached by Jacqueline L. from Calgary Alberta. She had been recommended to us through a Holistic Wellness center in Calgary when she inquired about her diseased trees and hedge. Jacqueline’s neighbor Steve approached our team because he had a Ponderosa Pine that was diseased and dying.  Following is the pilot project and the results.  All pictures and results were from the tree owners .

Crabapple Tree

May 2019

The 60 year old crabapple tree has 4 types of apple grafts on the centre branches with the crabapples on the outside branches of the tree.

A disease appeared about 2 years ago and was taking over the tree. 

Three arborists had diagnosed the tree with oystershell scale disease which is prevalent throughout Calgary.  There is no tried and true solution because pesticides aren’t that effective especially on a large older tree.  The tree was injected directly into the bark in 2018 using a natural pesticide called Tree Azine. It wasn’t expected to make much difference except to slow down the parasite causing the oystershell scale disease.

Apple May 1.jpg

Crabapple tree

June 2019

June 23   The crabapple tree appears to be doing well, the blossoms were profuse and it appears to be invigorated. The bark looks good and is where the main sign for the oystershell scale disease is.

Apple blossoms May 30, 2019.jpg

Crabapple Tree August 2019

The apple tree had a bumpercrop of nicely formed apples.  The bark looks good and the leaves a healthy green color and well formed.  

Apple 1.jpg

Crabapple Tree 

JUNE 2020

The apple tree is in a full massive bloom. The leaves are green, bark is healthy. 

Crabapple boom June 3 2020.jpg

Cotoneaster Hedge May 2019

The cotoneaster hedge used to be very healthy but in the last few years has gotten worse and was extremely sick with the oystershell scale disease. In the fall of 2018 it was cut completely back to stumps.   

Cotoneaster June 2019

The vibrant leaves of the Cotoneaster hedge makes it hard to see the cut stumps. The new leaves  are glossy green and vibrant.  The hedge appears to be doing pretty well.

Catoneaster June 8, 2019.jpg
Cotoneaster cut down May 1.jpg

Cotoneaster August 2019

The hedge along the road is looking good and growing back rapidly and appears healthy and vibrant.  There are 2 shrubs on the east edge of house that appear to have oyster shell scale and aren’t  doing well.   *The Cotoneaster hedge on the east edge of the house was NOT Biofield treated.  Only the hedge by the road was. 

Cotonester Aug 15 2.jpg

Cotoneaster JUNE 2020

The hedge is looking vibrant, green and healthy with no signs of disease. 

Cotoneaster June 3, 2020.jpg

Apricot Tree May 2019

The 60 year old apricot tree has been ailing in the past few years with a condition that is blackening its bark and will shorten its life. It has had several large branches removed in the past 17 years and has a continuous black oozing on the branches. The tree leafs out every year but has only given apricots once in the past 17 years due to the climate.


Apricot May 1.jpg

Apricot Tree June 2019

The apricot bark does not look good. The leaves are sparse but not the usual  amount and there is a least one dead branch (medium sized). The bark is oozing with open wounds and sap dropping onto the lawn.  It still looks sick. 

Apricot branck June 8, 2019.jpg
Apricot trunk June 8, 2019.jpg

Apricot tree August 2019

Apricot tree is okay and  has leafed out nicely with a few dead branches  higher up.  There were no blossoms or apricots this year.  The bark still doesn't look great but it drips only a small amount of sap occasionally onto the driveway

Apricot branch Aug 15.jpg
Apricot Aug 15.jpg

Ponderosa Pine

May 30   Biofield treatment begins on  60 year old Ponderosa Pine

It used to be a lovely healthy pine tree with big long needles. The last couple of years it was shedding a massive amount of reddish colored needles. In the fall of 2018 the owner  noticed a lot of holes in the trunk possibly from beetles. In the spring of 2019 more needles had fallen off the tree and the bark had peeled off making the tree look bald and half dead. 

Pine Tree June 12, 2019.jpg

Ponderosa Pine August 2019

By July 7th the owner reported his pine tree appears to be getting new green growth.  By August the tree had stopped shedding and new growth was apparent all over the tree. 

Ponderosa Pine 2 Aug 15.jpg

Ponderosa Pine June 2020

The tree looks excellent with all of the new green needle growth.  No shedding of needles.

Ponderosa June 3 2020.jpg
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